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This story is rated PG-13 and contains spoilers for the second season of Everwood. I don´t own anything, Marcia and Treat do.

"What really matters"

Sumammary: This is a series about Andy Brown and Linda Abbot because I CAN`T LIVE WITH THE END!!!

Linda Abbot looked up when the doorbell rang. She had moved into the house only three days ago and wondered who would visit her that late- after leaving Everwood she had wondered if she should go back to Africa but then she had realized that she would be better off if she stayed in the USA. She wanted to stay alive and healthy as long as possible and for that she needed medication and a special diet and she couldn´t get that in a third- world state. She had settled for Seattle for it´s climate that reminded her of her hometown, for the anonymity of the small houses next to the piers, for the silence underneath the always iron- grey sky. Linda Abbot felt ripped and lonely, she missed her family but most of all she missed the man she loved. Linda got up from her sofa and walked over to the front- door and when she opened it her breath got caught in her throat. “How did you know I was here?” Andy Brown tried to smile at her but couldn´t and his voice sounded tense when he answered: “I broke into your mother´s desk and stole one of your letters.” Of course, that was the thing he would do. “Will you let me in?” Linda hesitated. She had left everything behind that mattered to her to get away from this man who had broken her heart so completely that she knew it would never heal and now he had tracked her down again and she couldn´t summon the energy to just tell him to leave. She saw him sigh in relive when she stepped aside to let him in. Linda closed the door and then slowly turned around to face him, trying to hold back her tears. Andy looked at her with the same expression his face had worn every time he had laid eyes on her, desperate want and love and hopelessness and Linda had to lean back against the door for support. “What do you want, Andy?” Andy Brown took a hesitant step towards her, then stopped again. “I´m not sure- All I know is that I needed to see you.” Linda sighed, she knew exactly what he was feeling, the same pain she was experiencing ever since they had said goodbye at the station back home. “You have seen me now.” Andy nodded. “Yes, I have.” There was a pause in which they just looked at each other, then Linda broke away from the door and walked past Andy into the living- room. Andy followed her and Linda indicated the sofa. “Sit down, I´ll make some tea.” She walked over into the kitchen, trying to calm down. She had thought she could live without Andrew Brown but the moment she had seen him she had known that she had been lying to herself. His mere presence was enough to make her loose control and the prospect that she would have to talk to him once she got back into the living- room again scared her so much she was trembling all over. This was her home, the place where she was supposed to feel save, not strained and despaired. Linda had just poured the tea in two cups when she heard his footsteps behind her and then strong arms wrapped around her waist and Andy pulled her back against his chest. For a moment Linda considered to simply push him away and throw him out of the house but then she relaxed into his embrace, leaning her head back against his shoulder. She closed her eyes, feeling his arms tighten around her and his lips softly graze her neck.
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