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This story is rated NC- 17 and contains spoilers for „Grand Delusions“, ep four of season three from Melrose Place. I don´t own anything, Marcia and Thomas do.

„The power of love“

Summary: Imaginary- ok, knowing Michael and Kimmy not sooo imaginary ending- to the garage- scene in „Grand Delusion“.

„Oh no...“ If he hadn´t been so furious the horror on Kimberly´s face would have made Michael laugh. His voice sounded hard when he said: „Hi Honey- I´m home.“ Kimberly spun around, dropping her papers and grabbing her keys from the table, then she stormed out of the room and Michael smiled slightly before hurrying out of the house. He ran down the stairs and came to a halt in front of the open garage gate just when Kimberly started the engine of her car. Michael saw her eyes widen when she looked up and saw him standing there. „Michael, get out of the way!“ Michael felt his anger getting the better of him. „You want me dead?“ He yelled over the roaring of the engine. „Now is your chance- come on and kill me if you can!“ „Michael, please...“ He sensed that she was short of loosing control and he knew that if she did it could mean his death but he didn´t care. If he stepped aside and let her go he might never see her again and he couldn´t risk that- he would loose his mind, he loved her so much it was burning him alive. „Come on and do it right this time!“ He didn´t know why he was provoking her even more, his situation was dangerous enough as it was, all he knew was that he needed some kind of reaction from her, any kind of a reaction. Kimberly was breathing hard, her eyes wide and fearful. „Come on, it´s not that hard- DO IT!“ At this Kimberly finally broke down, sinking onto the steering wheel and then she tossed back her head, sobbing hysterically. Michael strode over to the driver´s door of her car and wrenched it open, grasping her arm and pulling her out of her seat. „Come on...“ The moment she stood straight she tried to get away from him but Michael spun her around and forced her to look at him. „Hey- listen, you kill me or love me but you make up your damn mind.“ She just stared at him for a moment, then her hand came up to his neck and she pressed her lips to his, kissing him brutally hard and he responded hungrily, closing his hands around her waist and lifting her up onto the hood. He reached for her legs and pulled her roughly against him and Kimberly´s hands cramped around his upper arms. Michael broke the kiss long enough to tear open her shirt, then rip it off her arms before bringing his lips back to hers. He lifted up her thigh and wrapped it around his waist while pushing her down onto the car, still kissing her forcefully, then franticly teared the rest of Kimberly´s clothes off before getting out of his jeans and boxers as fast as he could. Kimberly cried out when he entered her forcefully and began to pound into her, all his restrained anger and hurt finally released. He felt her tighten around him and groaned, the knowledge that she loved him with such passion and devotion was intoxicating. „Come on, Baby...“ He slammed into her even harder, searching for the right angle that would bring her over the edge before him. Her whole body seemed to contract as she came hard, gasping his name and Michael allowed himself to let go. He quickly rearranged his clothes again, then pulled Kimberly up from the car and into his arms. Michael had the feeling to drown in her desperate kiss, he could only imagine what she was feeling right now, having worked so hard to destroy him only to fall for him all over again. Her head sank against his shoulder as she began to cry again and Michael felt a strange urge to take away her pain, to show her that he loved her and that they would heal again in time. „Come on, let´s go home.“ He lifted her up from the ground and Kimberly wrapped her arms around his neck and hid her face in his neck, her body trembling as she continued to sob violently. Michael carried her up the stairs again and into their bedroom, sitting down on the bed with Kimberly still in his arms. „Hey, it´s ok Honey, I love you.“ She lifted up her face, tears streaming down her cheeks. „How can you still love me, Michael? I tried to kill you.“ „Yeah, and I almost killed you so I think we´re kind of even, aren´t we?“ Kimberly smiled despite of the tears still dampening Michaels shirt and Michael kissed her forehead. „Now that´s better- come here.“ He lifted her face up to his and kissed her again, gently this time and while they kissed he slowly lowered her down onto the bed. Kimberly closed her eyes as Michael began to lightly kiss her neck and shoulders, his hand coming up to caress her breasts. He took his time, just touching and kissing her for a long time until her skin was flushed with arousel and she was writhing in the sheets. „Michael, please, I need you so much.“ He straightened up and undressed himself, then sat up against the headboard and pulled Kimberly into his lap, kissing her again while she slowly lowered herself onto his erection. They both groaned appreciatively at the feeling and Michael placed his hands on Kimberly´s hips, gently urging her to move. They continued to kiss, deeply and lovingly and when Kimberly came she moaned softly into Michael´s mouth and Michael thrust up into her for a few more times before falling over the edge himself. He held Kimberly to him, his fingers tracing lazy circles on her back and Kimberly relaxed into his arms, placing soft kisses on his neck and shoulders. „I love you so much“ She whispered and Michael nodded, pressing her tightly against him before shifting her slightly so that he could lie back into his pillow before pulling her close to him again. „I know, Honey, I´ve always known...“ Kimberly sighed, her hand brushing against Michael´s cheek. „Good- never forget about it.“ She closed her eyes and within seconds had fallen asleep, leaving Michael to marvel about the impossible power of love.
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